Sep 142014

Connecting my profile does not work for me. I tried to connect to my profile -> allowing "Offline Access" -> my Blog throws a fatal error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method SM2WP_GooglePlus_Admin::log_onfo() in […]/wp-content/plugins/sm2wp-googleplus/classes/sm2wp_googleplus_admin.php on line 109

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  10 Antworten zu “Just tried to migrate, deactivated & uninstalled the old Plugin, Installation of the new plugin went smooth”

  1. Hi +Marco Hinniger, sorry to see you are having problems. I can see that the latest version pushed out a typo in the logging method (it should be log_info), but this is just a side effect and another problem of it not being able to get profile details for your account (I'm unsure why at this stage).

    Would it be possible to have temporary access to your WP setup? If you'd rather not that is fine, I will just try to work it out without it, though it may take longer.

    Thanks for your patience.

  2. TBH I rather do not want to give anyone full uncontrolled access to my WP Backend, hope you understand. I can offer you a Remote Desktop Hangout or (preferably) a licensed teamviewer session if that helps to analyze the problem….

  3. I am also having trouble connecting to my Google profile. I assume it may be the same issue Marco is facing.

  4. Just for reference, I corrected the typo in the sm2wp_googleplus_admin.php file and now I get a message that in the plugin settings page that it is 'Unable to add profile as it could not be retrieved'

  5. I am running a photocrati theme, but using my own hosting provider where I did the standard WP upgrade from version 3.9 to v4.0 in the last 2 weeks.

  6. No MediaTemple Hosting here, no.

  7. +Daniel Treadwell There was a comment from you (deleted now?) which asked us to update to 1.1.5, which I did now. This new version fixed the Connection problem for me, thanks.

    Still have some problems with updating my posts, but I will create a new topic for this…

  8. +Marco Hinniger happy to hear that the plugin is (mostly) working now. Thanks for your patience.

  9. I upgradd to version 1.1.5 and that seemed to solve the profile connection issue for me as well.

  10. Now running 1.1.6 ("custom"), works perfectly, Ticket closed 🙂


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