Sep 142014

However, this Link is never created when importing content. I did NOT check the option "Don't add canonical reference", so this line should be added to every imported blog post, right?

(using v1.1.5)

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  9 Antworten zu “My "Imported Post Template" is still the default one, and contains the last line "<a href='{{google-url}}'>Check this out on Google+</a>"”

  1. It should be — at last that's how it's working on my install. (I'm not sure why the option is necessary since it's controlled via the template.)

    Are you getting the text at all, without a link?

  2. are you using v1.1.5?

    no text, no link. it looks like this line is just not added at all.

  3. Okay, I just upgraded to 1.1.5. Let find something to share, and then force an import to see if I'm having the same problem.

  4. Yup, shows up for me. My template line is tweaked a little bit, but still looks fundamentally the same:

    <p><span style='font-size:small;'><a href='{{google-url}}'>View on Google+</a></span></p>

    Came through fine.

    Have you made any changes in the template above that (e.g., removing one of the "-end" loops)?

  5. nope, no changes, still the default values. to be sure, I am quoting the whole template below:

    <p><i>Originally shared by <a href='{{original-poster-url}}'>+{{original-poster-name}}</a></i></p>


    <div><a href='{{photo-url}}'><img src='{{photo}}' /></a></div>
    {{loop-thumbnail-start}}<a href='{{album-thumbnail-url}}' style='width:50px;height:50px;display:inline-block;background-size:cover;background-image:url({{album-thumbnail}});'></a> {{loop-thumbnail-end}}
    <br />
    <p><a href='{{album-url}}'>In Album {{album-title}}</a></p>

    <div><iframe type='text/html' width='100%' height='385' src='{{video}}' frameborder='0'></iframe></div>

    <a style='display:block;' href='{{link-url}}'>
    <img src='{{link-image}}' border='0' />
    <a href='{{link-url}}'>{{link-title}}</a>

    <a href='{{google-url}}'>Check this out on Google+</a>

  6. Huh. Yeah, that looks okay; it should work. Probably need +Daniel Treadwell to answer this one.

  7. +Marco Hinniger, that is a strange issue to have, I haven't seen that one anywhere else as yet.

    Could there be a conflict with any other plugins? If not, would it be possible to just put {{google-url}} at the top of the template (not in a tags) just to see if it is getting populated. I can't seem to replicate this issue.


  8. I would like to, but running into more issues right now… *sigh*
    I am going to publish a new error and put this one on hold until the new one is fixed

  9. Now running 1.1.6 ("custom"), works perfectly, Ticket closed 🙂


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