Half-Life2: Garrys Mod

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Nov 042005

Interessant hört sich Garrys Mod für Half-Life2 an, die hauptsächlich für die Erstellung von HL2-Comics verwendet wird. Aber man kann auch jede Menge anderen Unsinn machen, hier ein Auszug aus der Website:

– Create any object or character ragdoll that exists in Half-Life 2 or Counter-Strike Source, then arrange or pose them as you please with a super-powerful „physics gun“.

– Change the facial expression and eye position on a ragdoll to anything you please.

– Easily attach objects to each other in numerous ways, from a simple weld or rope to springy elastics, ball-and-socket joints, and pulley systems.

– Make any kind of contraption you want with keypad-controlled thrusters, rolling wheels of various sizes and types, and balloons to lift things up or weigh them down.

– Change the color and transparency of any object, or apply a Material to make something look like flowing water, stained glass, swirling energy fields, and a whole lot more.

– Unlimited levels of Undo! No worries if you’ve made a mistake; take back ballsockets, wheels, and everything in between with a single keypress.

– Create fully functional NPCs from Half-Life 2 and arm them with a variety of weapons to make your own massive Combine vs. Rebels vs. Antlions battle (or whatever else you want).


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