Prince of Persia

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Nov 272008

Zitat IGN Game Preview:
So, imagine you’re Ubisoft. Tucked away in your portfolio, you’ve got Prince of Persia: Sands of Time – one of the most enchanting, critically lauded games ever made. What’s the best way to drive fans away from a beloved franchise? Simple: follow it up with two horrendously misjudged sequels, eschewing the charms of the original in favour of boardroom-decreed, focus-tested drivel. So, as Ubisoft, what’s the best way to win those fans back? Easy – you make this game.

It’s not often you splurge out the positives at the top of a review but, quite simply, this newest Prince of Persia gets so much absolutely right and so little even remotely wrong, it would be doing a disservice not to start reeling them off now.

hm… lecka! ich kann mich wirklich erinnern Sands of Time bis zum erbrechen gezockt zu haben, weils der hammer war. und die nachfolger waren in der Tat grottig…


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