Aug 312014

Detailed Problem Description: I start up Soapstone, and just view the map, then I leave the App and switch to my Android Home Screen -> I can see Soapstone still soaking up my battery using High Accuracy Location Mode (GPS). All notification options are enabled in the Soapstone settings. I need to Force kill the App to stop it eating my GPS/Battery.

IMHO just for notification purposes it is not required to use Androids High Accuracy Mode, you should switch to Battery Saving mode if the User is not actively using the app in foreground. The provided location accuracy should be enough for notifications purpose.


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  2 Antworten zu “TLDR: Soapstone should use Androids Battery saving Location Service (Wifi/Cellular location) instead of High Accuracy Location Service when idling in Background”

  1. Found no Changelog, but it looks like this issue has been resolved with the latest update 0.4.1

  2. Yes, thank you for the suggestion Marco. We've dropped the accuracy and found that it's more battery friendly now. 🙂


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